How Can You Use UAW Pro For Whitehat SEO?

Hummingbird SEO Recipie

In this post we will cover an example process that you can use to provide your customers and websites with Whitehat SEO methods that will increase trust, authority for them. Please keep in mind that we fully support using Pen Names/Pseudonyms for publishing. If you feel that using Pseudonyms for publishing are not “whitehat seo” […]

Search Strategies For 2014

Search Ranking Elements

There has been a ton of chatter about what an SEO will bring to the party in 2014, what their focus will be, what role with they play now that search has changed… Perhaps they feel this way because it’s much more complex today with Hummingbird – Content, Entities, Personas, Semantics, Conversational Search… Trying to […]

Key Elements Of Successful Search Optimization

Increase Search Engine Rankings

Since the release of UAW Pro I have had the pleasure of talking with some really great people who’s online interests span horizontal & vertical markets, from Internet Marketing professionals to Agencies of all shapes and sizes, about the various capabilities of the UAW Pro platform.  I highly value their honest feedback and most of […]

Naturally Becoming The Sweetest Sugar To Search


If nectar is the sweetest natural sugar to Hummingbirds, wouldn’t it make sense that your Entity be the sweetest, “natural” sugar to Search? I have talked about creating entities in ways that both readers & search can identity then correlate your data, validate your entity and their relationships through key vetting points such as; creative […]

Feeding Search What Search is Hungry For, Satisfy What It Craves…

Website Traffic Increase Over 3 Months Hummingbird Test Case

“To Google, Entities, Semantics, Conversations are 3 related elements. Google likes what you like; Google wants to serve up the sweetest sugar.” How do you know if you have the right stuff… the recipe to be the sweetest sugar? Let’s look at one of our case studies using the right ingredients: Does your website traffic […]

Why Google Named It’s Search Engine Hummingbird

Image by Greg Scott

The Rise of the Hummingbird With the ongoing naming convention for the Google search engine modules (Panda, Penguin), why do you think they agreed upon Hummingbird as the name? What was the meaning behind the name? What is a Hummingbird’s makeup, what is its physiology… Time to research this thought… the deeper the research, the […]

How Has Search Changed And What Does This Mean To Me?

Matt Cutts Dup Cont

The Evolution of Search and UAW Over the past several months, Google has made several major changes to its search engine, one of which is the largest change since 2001… Hummingbird.  For those of you who want a breakdown of what the Patent is all about, check out Bill Slawski – SEO by the Sea […]

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Going Pro enables you to: – Create and Manage Brand, Publisher & Author Entities – Build Social Signals for your Entity – Build Content and Social Backlinks – Secure and defend your Online Reputation – Rank Tracking Across Google, Bing and Yahoo! For use for single websites or scalable to manage 100’s of sites.