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For Immediate Release: March 11, 2014

UAW Pro announces immediate availability of its Patent Pending CryptoCopyright™ service making it the first content writing and creative works service provider to include 100% verifiable copyright protection for creative works it creates, at no extra charge.
“I am pleased to announce the Immediate availability of our latest development – CryptoCopyright™ – revolutionizing trusted timestamp services for creative works.” – Jason Arnold COO – (Allegretto Publishing).

“CryptoCopyright™ solves major problems when producing creative works such as who owns it, when was it created and how you can easily provide proof of ownership without adding huge costs to your content budget.  In the past Trusted Timestamp services have acted as a standalone service where users need to do it themselves.   Now, with CryptoCopyright™, we do it all for you at no additional cost as it is now a standard feature that is included with our article writing and creative works services.”

What is CryptoCopyright™?

CryptoCopyright™ (CCR) is our Patent Pending, trusted timestamp service that utilizes the underlying technologies of Crypto Currencies such as Bitcoin (Asic), Litecoin (Scrypt) and other Cryptocurrency variants for its trusted public ledger for which all documents can be verified against.  This information is publicly accessible which enables members to verify ownership of creative works such as text or word documents, images, videos, audio and more!

Let us look into some of our most common questions regarding this service:

Why do we need it? 

–    One of our biggest challenges when we author articles for our customers is providing and passing the copyright protection and ownership to our customers in a trusted, verifiable way.  With CryptoCopyright™, we overcome this issue, providing secure verification of ownership over any creative works we perform on behalf of our customers.

Some of our most frequently asked questions about our Creative Works Services are:

– When you write an article/content for me, do I own it? How can I prove that I own it?
– Is it copyrighted when you complete the content and deliver it to me, how can we prove it?”

A: CryptoCopyright™ overcomes these questions and concerns about proof of ownership.  Once all creative works have passed through our proprietary creation processes, then they are inserted into our patent pending CryptoCopyright™ processes which then allows them to become immediately available from within UAW Pro for verification.  Ownership of the creative works becomes publicly validated, protected and the ownership of the CryptoCopyright™ then passes to the UAW Pro member for whom we provided the service for.

Where is CryptoCopyright™ available?

–    CCR is now available from within UAW Pro and comes included in our writing services at NO extra charge for Original Content, Authority Builder and Guest Blogging articles!  For Our customers that use their own content in Authority Builder and Niche Dominator can use CryptoCopyright™ for a nominal fee.

Do you have an API for CrytpoCopyright™ that customers and service providers can access and use CryptoCopyright™ services as their own service or preform CCR en masse?

–    If you have high volume or need confidential documents trusted timestamped or you are looking to provide CCR services to your customers via integration of our API, please Contact Us to learn how you can integrate the patent pending CryptoCopyright™ service directly into your own offerings.

What happens if I change my original file?

–    You need to run the modified document through CryptoCopyright™ to ensure that your modifications are protected as only the original document has been Copyright protected at time of completion by our creative works development team.

What does the CryptoCopyright™ look like? 

–    A picture is worth a 1000 words!  For customers that use our article writing services, once we have completed the creative works document, an icon will appear in your article list page as below:

List Articles CryptoCopyright








–    When you see the CrytpoCopyright™ icon (or use the drop down menu), click the icon and you will be taken to your verification page which will look similar to this example:


Why are you using my member ID and not my real name?

–    Many of our customers use UAW Pro to provide “White Label” services to their customers.  Therefore the member ID is all that is required from us to provide ownership proof of the creative works which can then be passed directly to their customers as proof of copyright ownership.  We have also had many customers request that the “Copyright” be assigned to their official Pen Names or that their authorship be used as the official owner/copyright holder.

–    We maintain a database of your member ID and your account owner name that is correlated in our database.  At any time we can verify that you are the owner of this account and provide this information with in the verification and proof process if so required.  UAW Pro member ID’s are associated directly with your account, you should ensure that you have updated your account holder information.

If you have any questions regarding CryptoCopyright™ or would like to know how you can integrate this within your own service, please Contact Us to learn how we can assist you in reaching your goals!

Jason Arnold

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Jason is the Chief Operating Officer for Allegretto Publishing - Services designed for the new age of Search Engine Optimization that amplify online visibility for Websites, Internet Marketers, SEO's and Agencies.


  1. San says

    You shall cut this from UAW, offer it as a stand alone website / domain / service.

    My 2 cc.

    • Jason Arnold says

      Are you saying we should do this? CryptoCopyright is directly integrated into UAW Pro, so it is not going anywhere. We will be providing access via API for 3rd Party Integrations so there is no need to “Cut It” from UAW Pro :)

      Thanks for your feedback!

    • says

      I see what you’re saying as setting it as a separate business entity may bring in more business on the side for UAW Pro. However, I also understand where Jason is coming from on this. UAW Pro is positioned to provide a comprehensive lineup of current internet marketing tools and CryptoCopyrighting content happens to be the newest cool addition to the list. Being a web content writer, I hope people catch on to this as it is indeed a great option to have in order to protect content you’ve worked hard to create, or paid a lot to have created or you.