Hummingbird SEO – Buzzing At Wing Speeds of 80 Times Per Second

api_accessThe Online Marketing Industry is buzzing about Hummingbird, they are beginning to realize what we have been working on for the past 2 years…

Just what is the industry saying about Hummingbird?

“As search engine query intelligence improves – through entity recognition, entity authority, attribute recognition, and intra-entity connections – expect more relevant and diverse results, as search engines seek to promote not just the better single result but also the better associated results.” – Grant Simmons

No need to panic but it is time that you start taking action.

What actions can you take?

Ensure that your house is in order by building your Brand Entity and the elements it is comprised of:

Hummingbird Checklist


  1. Publisher
  2. Authors
  3. Fans/Promoters

When you are ready you can then turn your focus to your Creative Works:

“Create human-focused content that answers known queries and needs. (Consider meaning, medium, and message.) Identify entities, attributes, and connections in content (through and other markup) for search engines to digest.  Ensure content is crawlable, indexable, and sharable.  Seek, enhance, and inspire authority signals via social, PR, and good old marketing!” – Search Engine Watch

unlimited_submissionsThis is something we have all been doing in various ways and levels, we just need to adapt to provide these signals in the manner in which search wants to be fed.

Remember, signals come in all shapes and sizes with each one playing a role, in the natural order of search.

More to come….


Jason Arnold

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