Naturally Becoming The Sweetest Sugar To Search

If nectar is the sweetest natural sugar to Hummingbirds, wouldn’t it make sense that your Entity be the sweetest, “natural” sugar to Search?


I have talked about creating entities in ways that both readers & search can identity then correlate your data, validate your entity and their relationships through key vetting points such as; creative works and social activity.

Through Creative Works, your Brand Entity becomes a Publisher that has  Authors posting and sharing their authored content, validated through backlinks & social signals alike.


Assuming you have completed your housekeeping and have created your entity profiles to become more schema friendly, you should now be ready to start feeding search with the right  signals that it needs, to help move your entity towards better rankings and more traffic.


How can this be applied towards our entity, throughout it’s connected elements?

Ask yourself:

  • What elements make up your entity…
    • Brand/Publisher
    • Authors
    • Fans
  • What do those elements look like to search…
    • Do they have descriptive identities/social profiles?
    • Do they have links pointing back to their Brand/Content?
    • Are they publicly accessible and can they be followed?
    • Are they actively sharing and promoting?
  • What do they talk about and what is their expertise…
    • Does the messaging traverse all active social channels?
    • Does the content and messages support the entities niche expertise?
  • What is the meaning of the content…
    • Is the content relevant to its core expertise?
    • Does messaging include #hashtags to accentuate meaning?
  • How often do the element publish and share their expertise…
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly?
  • What questions are answered through its content and messaging…
    • Does the content answer questions that are related to ones niche?
    • Are messages niche targeted with answers to common niche related questions?
  • Who listens, does anybody care?
    • Do backlinks get built to the content?
    • Does the content get shared socially?
    • Is it getting enough of the right votes?

Maintaining consistent on topic content & messaging throughout your active entity channels, will help it to be shared and linked to “naturally”.

By sending the right “natural” signals to search and readers alike, you will start to be rewarded as you work towards becoming the sweetest sugar to search, helping you grow your business while you begin to discover alternative traffic sources.

Jason Arnold

About Jason Arnold

Jason is the Chief Operating Officer for Allegretto Publishing - Services designed for the new age of Search Engine Optimization that amplify online visibility for Websites, Internet Marketers, SEO's and Agencies.