Why Google Named It’s Search Engine Hummingbird

Image by Greg Scott

The Rise of the Hummingbird With the ongoing naming convention for the Google search engine modules (Panda, Penguin), why do you think they agreed upon Hummingbird as the name? What was the meaning behind the name? What is a Hummingbird’s makeup, what is its physiology… Time to research this thought… the deeper the research, the […]

How Has Search Changed And What Does This Mean To Me?

Matt Cutts Dup Cont

The Evolution of Search and UAW Over the past several months, Google has made several major changes to its search engine, one of which is the largest change since 2001… Hummingbird.  For those of you who want a breakdown of what the Patent is all about, check out Bill Slawski – SEO by the Sea […]

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