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UAW Pro is a platform where we encourage our Partners to make money by reselling our services to their customers.

Do you have customers that need content written for their website, backlinks, identity creation or profile management?

How many of your customers need Social Buzz around their site, their content, their promotions, their links?

Ensuring our partners meet their customers’ need to have proven best practice solutions applied to their properties, take comfort in knowing that we have published over 150 Million pieces of content to 200,000+ publishers, by 150,000+ authors.

Reseller partners include SEO’s, Agencies, Webmasters, Domainers, Internet Marketers and Entrepreneurs of all sizes since 2007 and over the past 7 years, we have assisted both our resellers and affiliates to generate Millions in monthly recurring revenues.

Solution Providers supply their customers  with individualized services therefore, to have the ability to provide services that include UAW Pro, prepaid monthly services is required by the solution provider.

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UAW Pro Affiliate

Affiliate Marketers

Join UAW Pro’s Affiliate Partner Program and make money when your referred customers purchase UAW Pro prepaid monthly services.

It’s Quick and Easy, there are no start-up costs: Joining our Affiliate Partner Program is completely free.


Tools: Free banners, Emails and text links for your site are available for you to choose from. All you have to do is add one of them to your website so customers can be directed to our website.

Tracking: Real-time reporting and tracking through our Affiliate Portal enables you to measure your click through and signups, visibility of what links are performing the best and how much money you are making.

Deals: You’ll receive information for Affiliate special offers and deals.

Affiliates earn 25% revenue for every active UAW Pro Monthly Prepaid Services.

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