From Individuals to Enterprise Clients and Agencies,
here is what you get with UAW Pro:



  • Manage as many Domains and Clients as needed
  • Create Unlimited Domain specific, Persona’s and Content
  • Unlimited Domain Content Publishing
  • Unlimited Brand & Author Persona’s Messaging

Unlimited Domains means unlimited growth potential for you and your business.
Designed with ease of use, scalability and management, UAW Pro will scale with you, as you grow your business.


Advanced Reporting & Metrics

  • Unlimited Access to all Tools and Modules
  • Unlimited Submissions for Content Marketing
  • Apply your credits to services only when activated
  • Unlimited Content Capacity

Unlimited Access means that you can use and pay for only the modules and tools
that you require when you need it!



  • Unlimited Brands, Authors, Fans, Promoters by Domain
  • Build and Manage your Persona’s by Domain
  • Each Persona can be upgraded to include Facebook, Google+ up to
    a total of 300 Social Network profiles
  • Schedule Messaging by Persona and Domain

Unlimited Persona’s means you can build and create as many unique persona’s
for each of your entities!



  • Unlimited submissions means you can build as many content backlinks as you need
  • Submission pricing is based on a single UAW Pro Set
  • Detailed submission reports now available
  • Link Sculpt, Publisher Sculpting available on a per article basis

Unlimited submissions means that you only pay for the submissions you want,
when you want them.  Never again will you be limited to a monthly cap!


Social Exchange Currency

  • Unlimited access and usage of the Social Exchange!
  • Unlimited sharing of URLs and Profiles
  • Engage with users to join the community of sharing
  • Free Automated Sharing Plugin available for download!
You can use any UAW Pro Tools or Modules as much or as little as you want
with one of our free or monthly prepaid credit plans!

Pricing based on a 1 month prepaid credit service term. Credits to be used as you need them. (Additional credit purchases may be required.)

How does it work?
  • Signup to the Monthly Prepaid Credit plan.
  • Credits are used for any of the modules and tools within UAW Pro.
  • If you need more credits, simply purchase a credit add on option.
  • For Subscribers of the $99+ plans, you are saving 25~30% over the Pay As You Go options for all on demand modules!


Free Tools and Modules


  • Connect with Niche Related Authors & Publishers
  • Follow Relevant Personas
  • Share Niche Related Social Content
  • Unlimited Sharing and Connecting
  • Firefox Plugin – Auto Sharing Enabled
Recieve Content

  • UAW Pro – Community Content
  • Private Content and Publishing Controls
  • Done-For-You Publishing
  • Authority Builder Enabled
  • UAW Pro HQ Guest Blogging
  • Author and Publisher Persona Management

On Demand Credit Usage:


  • Variable costs per article, pricing based on quality, number of words and article type
  • From as low as $5.25 (210 credits)


  • Done for you Guest Blogging Service
  • Written/Edited/Published
  • Aged/Higher PR Niche Blogs
  • $30 (1200 credits) per article



  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Niche Relevant Themed Blogs
  • $1.50 (60 credits) per UAW Pro Article Set Submission

CryptoCopyright Logo

  • Trusted Timestamping of all Original Content included with each order
  • Authority Builder, HQ Guest Blogging include CCR at no additional cost
  • DIY option for protecting your content available on demand

  • Done-For-You Themed Content & Submissions
  • Tracking and Metrics
  • $30 (1200 credits) per article


Monthly Recurring Credit Usage:


  • Entity Profile Creation
  • Themed Content Creation and Publishing
  • Persona Identity Manager
  • $129/month
    5160 credits/month per domain


  • Persona Creation & Management
  • Social backlink building
  • Automated and Manual messaging
  • $24.95/month
    998 credits/month

  • Manage your Online Persona
  • Do Follow Links
  • Social Network Updating
  • Profile Updating
  • $19.95/month
    798 credits/month

  • First Domain Included
  • Track 20 Keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • $4.95/month
    198 credits/month per additional Domain

Pay As You Go!

Now for the low price of $9.95/month, you now have access to all the products and services that UAW Pro has to offer.  This is an on-demand service that enables you to purchase credits in bundles, then use them when and as you require!

On demand services include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Guest Blogging
  • Concierge Publishing.

You also now have unlimited access to Give and Get Likes, Receive Content at no additional cost!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are credits?

When you purchase your monthly prepaid subscription, you will receive credits that can be applied to any UAW Pro tools and modules you require.  With your active account, credits will roll over from month to month meaning that if you do not use the service this month, the monthly prepaid credits will roll over into your next months service!

Do I have to use all the modules and tools?

You are free to pick and choose what tools you use and how often you use them.  For example if you only wanted original content written and delivered to your blog on a monthly basis, you can use all your monthly credits to accomplish this!

Can I cancel at any time?

At any time you decide that you no longer wish to continue your UAW Pro Prepaid Monthly Credit Subscription, simply cancel the service and be certain to use your remaining credits.  We will be sad to see you go however we do understand that you may need to take a break!  We do not offer refunds for partial months used. Remaining credit balances have no cash value.

How can I pay for the subscription?

We accept PayPal, Credit Cards and Bitcoin!

Do you have more information that I can read up on?

Absolutely, click here to visit our Knowledge Base.  If you don’t see your question answered, simply open a chat with us and we will be certain to assist in helping you with your needs!

* Need more information? Talk with us to learn more.