Search Strategies For 2014

There has been a ton of chatter about what an SEO will bring to the party in 2014, what their focus will be, what role with they play now that search has changed…

Search Ranking ElementsPerhaps they feel this way because it’s much more complex today with Hummingbird – Content, Entities, Personas, Semantics, Conversational Search…

Trying to build systems and processes to do all this while on a small business budget (when a big budget is required), is seemingly impossible…

For those of us whom embrace change, adapt to provide new services that differentiate yourself from our competitors, are loving it.

Today SEO’s have a unique opportunity to capitalize upon this pivot to provide innovative services to their client  focusing on a Hummingbird world of search.

It Starts With An Entity

Understanding our Entity and its components (or lack thereof), enables us to begin to strengthen our foundation (or start building it), it’s components and how the Entity is viewed by search (and readers alike).

As we dig deeper into our Entities, key elements that we have direct influence over (content, profiles, personas, messaging etc) can be focused on developing terms and phrases that can contribute to our overall marketing strategies, more specifically, optimizing our creative works promotions.

Seo 2014

  • An Entity is the sum of its Authors, Contributor Profiles/Entities, and the interactions amongst and between other Entities.
  • Creative Works include the Publisher (Brand) & Author signals for these works from social and other creative works.
  • Conversations consist of signals, backlinks, shares, retweets and discussions about the content from other Entities

“Google finds terms and phrases to associate with entities that can be considered terms of interest for businesses, locations, and other entities. These terms can influence what shows up in search results and in knowledge panels for those entities. Consider it part of a growing knowledge base of concepts, entities, attributes for entities, and keywords that shape the new Google after Hummingbird. Semantics play a role as things that specific entities are known for are identified.” – Bill Slawski

Over the holidays, as you’re reflecting on this past year and looking towards the new, ask yourself these questions:

  • How can you adapt your current strategies to align with Hummingbird?
  • What elements are you missing from your current processes to successfully market your entities for 2014?


Jason Arnold

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Jason is the Chief Operating Officer for Allegretto Publishing - Services designed for the new age of Search Engine Optimization that amplify online visibility for Websites, Internet Marketers, SEO's and Agencies.


  1. says

    Thank for good sharing. That’s right, we do need to make a good strategies to make figure out at 2014. I have started to run my hosting business in this year, what do you think? is it still good prospect for 2014?

    Thanks a lot

  2. says

    So I am not sure what you are saying? What does this mean to your every day marketer? Is it mor or less what you have said in the past year? How do we get our websites found by folks that want and need our “Stuff”?

    Hope there is more detail to follow…


    • Jason Arnold says

      Marketers need to start looking at their website as an “Entity” so that they can focus on the various elements, improve, strengthen and grow these critical components.

      The fabric by which you can then promote and build your success in 2014 will evolve around your entity and its creative works. Your creative works is the fabric that glues it all together hence when you have your entity in order, you can then seo your entity and its creative works accordingly.

      More detail to come…