Key Ingredients For Semantic Entity Search

Now that you have gone through the checklist for your onsite optimization and you have addressed any major discrepancies that needed your attention, it’s time we talk more about the sweetest sugar for Search:

Entities, Semantics, Conversations


Semantic Entity Search

For this post, I will primarily focus on an Entity and its Creative Works since both are elements that we can build a solid foundation upon, to begin feeding search what it loves.


“An entity is something that exists by itself, although it need not be of material existence.” – “In business, an entity is a person, department, team, corporation, cooperative, partnership, or other group with whom it is possible to conduct business.“ – Wikipedia

Understanding this, we can ask ourselves what people, places or things of a business entity search is asking for us to provide, helping it to better understand our entity…

Just what does it need to know? is an initiative that was launched June 2011 by Bing, Google and Yahoo! to “create and support a common set of schemas for structured data markup on web pages.”… defines Creative Works as articles, blog posts, books, movies, recipes etc.,   crafted by authors and published by publishers.  Search wants to know and collect this information to help it understand “who we are” and by doing so, we can use this to our advantage by giving search what it hungers for…

Search wants to understand all things as it relates to entities, relationships & authorship and we can accommodate this need by implementing schema, more specifically:

rel=”publisher – Organization/Brand

  • Having an active blog means that our Organization/Brand is the Publisher
  • Organizations/Brands build profiles that actively promote itself and its creative works.

rel=”author      – Person/Persona

  • By writing and posting niche relevant content to our blog, we are also Authors
  • Authors can be “real persons” or “pen names – A pen name, nom de plume, or literary double, is a pseudonym adopted by an author. The author’s real name may be known to only the publisher, or may come to be common knowledge.”

This becomes very beneficial for entities especially for those that have active personas on publisher websites and across various social media channels.  By creating rich social profiles for your Brand & Author personas, they can begin to build validation signals for your entity with relevant content that is focused on your specific niche.

Search needs to understand, discover & correlate semantic data about our entities and if you provide search a tasty recipe made from the right ingredients, you will be on the right path towards establishing trust and authority for your online business, giving search what it needs.

To be continued…

Jason Arnold

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