Authority Builder

Entity Building & Management

Build and Manage Entities for Multiple Domains


–  Easy to Use Dashboards and Controls
–  Brand, Author Profiles & 2.0 Properties
–  Identity Creation & Management
–  Programmatic and Manual  Controls
–  Content Writing, Posting and Sharing
–  Domain, Brand and Author Metrics
–  Rank Tracking by Keywords
–  DIY – Content and Messaging

Included Tools:

identitymanager_navIdentity Manager

We secure and build your Brand/Publisher and Author Profiles across Social Networks creating manageable assets for your Entity, optimized for Search and Reader visibility.

contentwriting_navContent Writing

Our team of writers create content specific to your Niche, with a focus towards providing semantic based keyword content.  All content is written and reviewed prior to delivery. Eight Done-for-you articles are included per month, with the ability to supplement monthly publishing with your own content.

receivecontent_navPlugin UAW

Content is posted to your blog by your Authors displaying their Author Bio and Profile Links.  Bring Your Own Content (UGC) with scheduled delivery are supported.

socialmediaautopilot_navSocial Media Auto Pilot

Your posted content gets shared and posted by your Brand and Authors across your Private Entity Network using keyword & URL combinations contained within each unique message.

giveandgetlikes_navGive and Get Likes

Content, Social Messaging & URLs are submitted for social sharing within the community.  The more compelling the content, the more it becomes validated for Search Engines and Searchers alike.

ranktracker_navMetrics and Analytics

Website Traffic, Social Shares and Profile network statistics are available by Domain, Brand and Authors. Entity Keywords are Rank Tracked in Google, Bing and Yahoo!

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