Identity Manager

Build and Manage Identities

Identity Manager
– Identity Creation & Management
– Secure up to 300 Social Network Profiles
– Includes Facebook ID & Pages, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest
– Programmatic, Manual & Scheduled Messaging Systems
– DYI & Programmatic Content Writing
– Profile & Status messaging, sharing and updating
– Social Analytics
– Customizable DandyID Profiles


contentwriting_navContent Writing

Our team of writers can create customized content and messaging, specific to your Identity’s Niche or you can bring your own messaging and schedule updates accordingly.  2.0 blog content writing is available for all niches.

receivecontent_navPlugin UAW

Identities can be used to author creative works that can then be posted to your or community blogs, building authority in their specific niche. By displaying complete Bios and controllable profile links, you remain in control of your persona publishing works.

giveandgetlikes_navGive and Get Likes

The more compelling the content, the more it becomes validated for Search Engines and Searchers alike so join the community in giving and getting social shares, retweets, G+, views and more…


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