How Can You Use UAW Pro For Whitehat SEO?

Hummingbird SEO RecipieIn this post we will cover an example process that you can use to provide your customers and websites with Whitehat SEO methods that will increase trust, authority for them.

  • Please keep in mind that we fully support using Pen Names/Pseudonyms for publishing.
  • If you feel that using Pseudonyms for publishing are not “whitehat seo” then simply substitute your real person where applicable.

Understanding that every website is a public facing portal for a Brand, its products, services and the value it provides to its readership through content and social interactions.

Today brands are more social than ever and are discovering that they can be exposed to more people across multiple networks for a very small investment.

With this in mind, securing our brand’s social identities across multiple social media networks, becomes an important starting point for identity management, protection and reputation management.

For example, our brand already had Facebook and Twitter accounts, but knowing that there are many more social networks and ways to generate traffic for our brand, we have decided to invest in social network profiles to be more visible and diverse in our brand recognition.

Step #1 – Secure your Brand/Websites Social Network Profiles

Social Identity Protection– With UAW Pro you can claim your brand across up to 300 social networking sites, where we create each profile by hand with your image, bio, website link and contact information accordingly.  Once completed, all your social profiles are stored within our patented Identity Management System with having the ability to modify your social profiles, send updates, post 2.0 blog articles and update your bio from within UAW Pro.

– When we create profiles, they are hand made profiles with backlinks to your chosen URL from High PR social networks including Google+, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, DandyID and more…

– We can add any URL or Social network that we publish to and want the Social Exchange to start gaining likes, shares, tweets, retweets, views and more.  Shaircoin is the primary currency used within the exchange to entice people to share your information on their network.

Step #2 – Create your Pseudonym

Pseudonym– Having ghost writers is not new to publishing.  Many companies hire full time writers to assume a pen name and have their employees write under pen names to maintain control over its online content/personas.  Often a single person will write under multiple pen names which is an accepted practice of authorship and publishing.

So now it’s time to build our author(s), of course they will match content with our brand’s niche when they are producing creative works so their profile should be on topic, relating to the overall theme of our property.  We can update our image, bio and information about our Pseudonym anytime from within UAW Pro.

Step #3 – Link Our Blog

Link To Your Blog– Now that I have both brand and author profiles, it’s time to link my Blog to UAW Pro.  I simply do this by installing Plugin UAW, mapping my categories and linking the website to my UAW Pro account.  I have advanced controls over the look and feel of my author bio that shows up for each post that I do. You can modify the author bio information from directly inside UAW Pro, it will update your blog automatically!

Step #4 – Order & Schedule Blog Content Publishing

Automated Content Marketing

– It is now time to order content for my blog so I decide on the quality level of the post that meets my budget, how many posts I want, then order and schedule them for posting to my blog automatically.  For this example I want 1 article a week, 500 words, Higher Quality, delivered weekly for 4 weeks by my primary author.  Once ordered, the content goes to our ghost writer and then once completed it goes through our human review and editorial process.  Not only does it pass Copyscape prior to being delivered to you, it undergoes multiple levels of review by real team members prior to publishing.

Step #5 – Add Social Messaging

Social Media Optimization– Having the ability to create and post social messaging throughout the supported social networks, we can bulk schedule these messages or we could choose to do it manually through our easy to use control panel.  We post status updates, tips and information that relate directly to our Niche.

– When we built our profiles, included are web 2.0 blogs that can now be updated by your authors, they are under our persona’s control.  We can post articles, updates, PDF’s and presentations.  These posts can be done directly within the UAW Pro control panel by either your author or your brand personas.

Step #6 – Get Social Signals

Get Social SIgnals – As UAW Pro provides us with our published blog post URLs & Web 2.0’s, we can now share our content within the Social Exchange and start gaining social signals by real people for our content, links, pages and profiles.  The social exchange is a place where like minded authors, brands and individuals come to engage with your content, links and social profiles.  Its a great place to grow your various networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Step #7 – Review Your Metrics

Website Traffic Reporting– With Plugin UAW installed on our website, our publishing metrics are collected and presented for our review.  Information such as our published content traffic, social media metrics and engagement across multiple social networks is now available for review.  This information helps us determine how successful our ongoing content marketing efforts are doing both socially and within the various organic search engine results.  We can see what needs to be tweaked and gain insights on how to better approach our next content marketing campaign.

Step #8 – Adjust Campaigns

Content Marketing Tweaking– It is important to us to invest in our content because fresh content is a major contributer to how search and searchers view your website.  With this in mind, we decided that we would like to employ multiple authors which will in effect increase the amount of articles that we are posting on a weekly basis to our blog.  We simply followed the above steps in creating a new author persona and then once completed, when we have fresh content written for our site, we select the appropriate pseudonym for each new creative works for publishing.

Step #9 – Scale Services

Scale Your SEO– As we manage multiple domains, we can add a new domain very easily through the Domain Control Panel, we then activate the relevant tools for the domain and then begin to manage its content marketing strategy and campaigns.  This is highly scalable enabling us to manage 100’s of websites from a central location.


In summary, UAW Pro enables you to provide Whitehat Content Marketing services to your clients from Identity Protection to Content Publishing and promotion.

Increase Search Engine Rankings

What makes this process even more exciting is that you can add additional services that meet your needs, from completely automating this process, to offering fully hands on management of their content marketing projects.

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